This platform is dedicated to helping participants: a) get training on cultural and heritage management  in formal (handbook) and informal training (through videos from workshops and PowerPoint presentations); b) find mentors and consultants for current or future projects; c) find collaborators or partners for projects or build networks and develop ideas.

In order to make the optimum use of the platform’s training material and services you may combine the three sources of information as explained below:

Material is divided in five modules, each one of which is divided in Units. Each Unit consists of a PowerPoint presentation and a set of questions indicated at the end of it. At the beginning of each Unit you will also find indications to the chapters/pages of the Handbook that the Units corresponds to as well as to the presentations from the workshops that can be used for in-depth knowledge. Ideally, you should cover all three entities (PowerPoint presentation, workshop presentation and handbook chapter) in order to reach full understanding of a topic. Successful answer of the quizzes (mostly of the multiple choice type) will lead you to obtaining the badges certifying your knowledge.

Furthermore, for your own further reading we selected a number of books and articles in pdf form which we divided in thematic categories. Through a link in your platform this material is available for you to browse and expand your knowledge.

However, theoretical knowledge is only the substratum on which to found your projects. In practice you will have to modify and rethink many aspects of your project and to solve many problems. Therefore, we have also prepared for you a toolkit with steps to follow and lists/tables to draw to facilitate you with project management as well as a space to upload your project idea in order to get useful feedback from peers or mentors.

You can proceed with the material at your own pace and time. We suggest that you read the Handbook first, however, as we realize that this is quite time-consuming, you can refer to it while working on the modules. To proceed with each unit you will need about 20-25 minutes. You may answer the questions of each particular module or answer them all together at the end. Enjoy your work!

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